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Why choose True Building Maintenance?


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
Winston Churchill

Attitude to us means:

We take pride in the work we do.

If it’s not True Building Maintenance good, it’s not good enough. When we take over from one of our competitors, we commonly find things they did to just get by or hope no one sees what they missed. We imagine that after a time, many property managers simply become used to the poor job they are getting because it degraded over time and no one will really pay attention anyway, right? We do and so do your patrons or tenants. We tell the property managers when we first start that it will be common for them to receive compliments telling them they did a good job in picking the new cleaning service. “Our job is to make you look good.” Guests will have a good attitude towards the company or person responsible for the pride shown by cleanliness and good appearances.

We care for your business and your image.

As a guest when you first walk into a business, whether it’s a restaurant or perhaps an office building, one immediately get the aura or sense they are in a place that is well cared for, or not. This feeling is a direct reflection upon the proprietor or property owner and how they view their business, their customers, employees or the public in general. A clean space also sets the mood for productivity among those who work there as they can readily see someone cares enough to keep it clean and looking fresh and really cares about their work as well.

For example, if someone has to use the public restroom, a clean restroom sets a positive attitude for a meeting, a pleasant meal or just plain at ease and safe. A clean restroom in a restaurant conveys a sense that everything else, especially the kitchen, is clean, wholesome, and sanitary. Can you imagine how you might feel ordering food in a restaurant if the restroom is filthy?

We take ownership of your property’s cleanliness.

If you were cleaning the property yourself, you would do the best job you are capable of but that is not why you are in business. You want to hire someone who cares and has the same attitude about your business as you do. You want another somebody just like you only better qualified to clean. Cleaning is not what you got into the business for. When you outsource a service, you expect the contractor to do their job invisibly and you never want to spend time discussing cleaning beyond initial instructions. When you have a vendor who takes ownership like we do, the only time you should need to talk to us is for changes or updates to your specific cleaning requirements or ………… maybe a compliment or two.

We cooperate, not complicate.

Have you ever given a contractor specific instructions to do a certain task a certain way only to find it done the way they wanted to do the work? When you discover the error and confront them with it, they often will tell you they have to do it their way because that’s the way they always have done it or their way is better. It all comes down to a proper attitude. You are the one paying the bills and it’s your business, your way. They will often do it their way despite your instructions. This would not happen if you have an attitude like Twin Cities Cleaning Experts. You are the boss and we bend over backwards to do things the way you want, when you want and the best job we can do.

We have a “can do” attitude.

I almost shudder when someone says to Lily something can’t be done. That is just like waving a red flag in front of the bull. She has the attitude we are better, she is better than other companies in the business of cleaning and she will not back down from a challenge. She starts out with the attitude it can be done and most often it can be done. Like the time she helped a new restaurant save thousands of dollars on the absolutely filthy and stained bathroom fixtures. It took awhile but they got sparkling clean much to the amazement of the new proprietor and even some of those involved in the work. A good attitude goes a long way to succeeding.

Yes, doing business with TBM means you are going to find someone with an attitude. Thank goodness and a good attitude!